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Our history

Founded in 1979, Super Remover designed a high-quality paint, varnish and glue stripping agent that, until 2003, was only sold on a small-scale level. Following the launch of major advertising and marketing campaigns, the brand suddenly found itself at the top of its category.

Super Remover’s products are now offered in all major hardware stores across Canada. It is now the country’s largest manufacturer of stripping products. The company is in continuous expansion, and many development projects are underway.

Our vision

Super Remover is actually the #1 stripping brand in Canada. Our goal is to become North America’s leader. We rely on socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices to offer superior performance and quality products.

Our mission

Super Remover allows professionnals and individuals to reduce new resources usage by extending goods and materials’ lifetime. We partenered with a scientific research group to influence the industry to develop products free of highly toxic chemicals (Benchmark 1). We rely on transparency to insure our high performance products are safely used.

Our values

Quality: We use only top quality raw materials to guarantee our products are efficient and environmentally friendly. Strict control insures consistency so we make sure our product satisfies your requirements.

Customer Priority: Your satisfaction is our priority. This is why you can reach out to our team easily. We are devoted to offer personnalised customer service and exceptionnal turnaround time.

Security: We are engaged in offering a safe work environment that exceeds regulatory framework. The same applies for our products portfolio which exceeds the strictest health and safety regulations.

Integrity: We rely on ethic, honesty and transparency in our decisions and actions. In order to be coherent with our positionning, we influence all our stakeholders to adopt and implement ecoresponsible business practices.

Synergy: Our work is the result of all our team members’ devotion. Our success comes from a sustainable business relationship with our customers, suppliers and every other stakeholders. Super Remover contributes to his community welfare by his involvment within different causes and organisms.



Patent pending formula without methylene chloride

Integrating sustainable development in our business practices

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Automotive Stripper

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