Super Remover New Generation

Super Remover NEW GENERATION is a new revolutionary product without methylene chloride NMP or any other highly toxic chemicals.

This new formula is safer than methylene chloride based products and is the strongest in its product category.

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Adhesive Remover

This new formula doesn't contain methylene chloride, NMP or any other highly toxic chemical. No glue, tar, epoxy or contact cement can resist our adhesive remover. With just 1 application, it will strip even the most tenacious glue. Put less effort into getting a smooth surface, free of glue.

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Automotive Stripper

Super Remover NEW GENERATION is a revolutionary, patent pending automotive paint stripper designed to be the ultimate replacement for methylene chloride based paint strippers.

This new formula was formulated to easily penetrate all types of coating but won't do any damage to your car.

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Industrial Gloves

Super Remover's industrial gloves are strong, resistant and reusable. Designed to resist various chemical products, they offer a comfortable, anti-skid grip for all your stripping (paint, glue, varnish, wood) and painting projects.

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Stripping Pads

Super Remover's stripping pads are made from synthetic abrasive fibers. They are designed for stripping paint, varnish and other coatings from wood and metal surfaces. Thanks to the various grains offered, you can clean a whole variety of surfaces.

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